Shawn Hapney. Drums
and percussion. wild
antics. this bands most
motivating foundation!
Former bands. Descend, Jim Hat, The Kirkendahl Voyd, Generic You.              

Influences. lots of Jazz fusion Death metal, and prog Rock Drummers. Frank
Zappa,Death,Incantation,Deicide,Black sabbath,Morbid Angel,Slayer,Impaled
nazarene,napalm death,mercyful fate,King diamond,Red hot chili peppers,Mr
Bungle,Melvins,Fleetwood Mac,Jethro Tull,Led zepplin,The damned,Devo,Howard
Jones,Berlin,Queen,After the fire,,AcDc,Nine inch nails,Mariln
Manson,Rush,Genesis,Todd rundgren,The clash,Embalmer,,Megadeth,Gary
Wright,Alan parsons project,Bob welch,Gary Rafferty,Soundgarden,Nirvana,Lindsey
Buckingham,Pink Floyd,Peter Gabriel, Steey Dan,Primus,Dead
kennedys,Beatles,Jane's Addiction,Buddy Rich,Skinny Puppy& the guy who wrote the
1 hit wonder"Thunder Island".The Who,Entombed,Unleashed,King Crimson,Jimi Hendrix
Terry McKenna. Bass.
with wah pedal. Beer.
song and lyric writing.
Former bands. The Paws. some bands back in Connecticut.

Influences. Genesis, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Weather Report,
Progressive Jazz, Yes, Syd Barrett, Steely Dan, Charles Mingus, Jaco
pastrious,Black Sabbath,John Coltrane,Miles Davis,Sex education
Keith Knudson. Guitar, vocals,
song and lyric writing.

Bands: Burning Lesbians,
Francii, Generic You, Lionel Jefferson
Airplane, Mushmouth, Kong
Sauce,Therios, The Wiggins, and
Purple  Apocalypse.

Influences. Everything I ever heard on
the radio.
Tony Void. Analogue and
digital synthesizers.
keyboards. vocals. song
and lyric writing.
Former band-aids.The Paws. The
Wiggins, Francii, The Joslyns, Kong

Influenza. Bela Bartok, Arnold
Shcoenberg, Oliver Messian, George
Crumb, John Cage, Robert Fripp,
Brion Eno, David Bowie, Rick
Wakeman, Brian Ferry, Sleepy Time
Gorilla Museum, and Cerberus Shoal.