Between 2002 and 2003  Keith Knudson and I joined Jon Read's band known as the
Wiggins. Matt Clement was already playing Keys for the previous line-up of the group and I
was brought in to add additional synth (Crumar Composer) and Hohner Clavinet D6. Keith
Played Drums.
There are no recordings that I know of from this era of Wiggins so I have included some
very rough takes from a practicethat took place on 3/16/2003 at my old apartment on E.63rd
in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. They make me smile everytime I hear
them reguardless of the lackof audio fidelity. I hope they do the same for you.
The Wiggins on Steriods! thats what one listener called
when we played at the old Grog shop.
if anyone out there has any pictures or recordings of wiggins from this time please contact me at tony_void
@ yahoo . com so I can put them up here! thanx    -void