Familiar Girl

In chorus with the water
Flowing down
The stream reflects the light
The movement sound
Within my eyes the breeze
That bends the trees
Invisible power
The tides of seas
Within the smell of leaves
Upon the ground
Beneath the well the vein
Of streaming sound
Sierpinski upside down
The six is you

And seven underneath
And seven inbetween
And seven of the sea
And seven of the week
And seven "A" "B" "E"
And seven all of these
And seven witnessed these

Enter the season change
Release life from cage
End of months cold sleep
Shed and shred chains deep
Fill in holes on ground
Release reworked sound
Into air with heat
In tune stare to meet
Tie me up with you
Two monkeys at the zoo
I see you with me
Fate's promise destiny
Everywhere abound
Patience for their sound

Potential energy
Pressure unreleased
Propels corporeal space
Grounded on the fly
Hatches open wide
Parallel with the sky
Countless days on end
Yielding pressure bend
In time never to arrive
Filing cabinets high
End of records nigh
Flung with jest in your eye
It's a failure for the race
Lost without a face
Forever mask in your place